Frequently Asked Questions.
Is Eventshoots free?
Yes. Eventshoots is completely free. The only difference is that payment accounts offer more space to store your photos. Apart from the storage space there is no any other difference between free and payment accounts.
Does the free account expire?
No. The free account is forever. However account conditions may vary over time. You can see the details of the Eventshoots' plans on the following link Plans.
Do the payment accounts expire?
Yes. Please see the Eventshoots plans page for more information.
What happens if my payment account expires?
When a payment account expires it becomes free account again. If the used capacity is lower than the free account offers then all the photos are kept. However, if the space used is greater than the free account allows then ALL the photos of your account will be deleted temporarily for one month. During this time if you purchase an account with sufficient capacity for the photos of events you created, then you will recover all the photos. Otherwise, they will be deleted permanently after 1 month. It's important you download all the photos and/or remove those that you do not want to keep before the account expires.
How can I extend my payment account?
If you already have a payment account and you want to extend it, all you have to do is buy the account you currently have. The expiration date of your account will be increased by the period of validity of the new account.

For example: You are enjoying the Premium account which expires 25/01/2016. If you buy the Premium account before the expiry date, it will be updated to 25/01/2017.

Note that the validity periods may vary. For more information about prices and periods see
How to buy a plan?
You can access and buy the plan you like. You can pay with PayPal, debit or credit card. It's not required to have a PayPal account. Once the payment is made you will receive a confirmation by email.
Why use Eventshoots instead of Whatsapp, Viber, Line, ... or any other messaging systems to share photos?
Messaging systems are great for sending messages or photos but are not intended to collect photos of an event. That is, they are great for sending photos of something you want to show someone at any time without intent to keep it. But they are not designed for sharing photos of an event.

Many messaging systems compress the images degrading the quality and they use your device resources. Eventshoots saves the photo with the highest quality and uncompressed on the server and these are always available to be downloaded whenever you want. The photos are saved on a server so they are not using resources from your devices.

Eventshoots' aim is to be as less intrusive as possible. You can access to Eventshoots when you fancy without being obliged to look at the phone every time there is a new photo. This happens continuously with messaging systems, each time you get a new photo or message you have to look at it and answer.

Another advantage is that you can download all photos from an event at once in a ZIP file or you can select some photos to download.

In addition, you have full control over your events, you decide who can view or upload photos to your events. And many more advantages!